Raptor Vision Lithograph


And so as not to leave out all of us Jurassic Park aficionados: specially for those of you who want to own a piece of the blockbuster film, you will find Ariana Richards‘ water color painting limited edition lithograph of “Lex” in the famous “Jello Scene”.

Ariana Richards painted this image in 1995 just after the filming of Jurassic Park. She has captured in watercolor the mind numbing moment when“Lex”, with spoon in hand, freezes in mid-motion as she sees a raptor lurking just outside. Seeing this painting is to step into “Lex’s” experience!

The white border around “Raptor Vision” is elegantly embossed with the official Jurassic Park logo, courtesy of Universal Studios.

“Lex” has personally autographed and numbered each lithograph.

This limited edition lithograph entitled “Raptor Vision” is signed and numbered by the artist, authenticity of her signature is guaranteed. Ariana has authorized for worldwide distribution the limited production of 1000 prints in this one-time-only run.

The image is produced on fine quality heavy weight lithographic paper with the best inks. It is produced to endure and have lasting value.

A fine art lithograph is not a poster. It is a limited authorized replica of an original work, using the very best archival inks and paper. When the print quality of a lithograph is excellent, the production numbers are low, and it is personally signed by the artist, it has significant value in the art world.

Size: 19×25 inches. Sold unframed. Certificate of Authenticity included. *NOTE: Personalization is not possible.